How to distinguish original perfume from counterfeit?

Как отличить оригинальные духи от подделки?Dear participants of DiSAI system and site visitors, by request of many participants we publish this article.

Every woman wants to look nice and to feel great at the same time. For this purpose she must wear original things and use natural cosmetics.Also any woman would like to use actually original perfume of high quality. Where such products can be bought?And how not to fall into the trap of swindlers. In order to identify a counterfeit product, you need to understand all nuances of packaging, get-up and presentation. Whosaidthatitwouldbeeasy?

First of all you should pay attention to what a perfume is packed in. Packaging should not be damaged.Pay immediate attention to inscriptions on packaging. All inscriptions should be legible. When you go to choose perfume, remember the correct spelling of the brand.

Packaging always has a barcode, shelf life, manufacture date and composition of perfume.Make sure yourself whether this data is indicated on packing. If such data is absent, you should not buy this product.After all, exactly this information gives to understand whether the product is counterfeit or not.

We also recommend that you scan a barcode on the packaging via any mobile application or that you enter barcode digits in Google or Yandex search system, besides, the link to the brand’s website should be indicated in search results.

Perfume should be reliably fixed in the box by an additional inner box.

Seller has no right to open original perfume and to let you feel its fragrance. Sellers have special sample tubes with different fragrances of corresponding perfumes.You can use this sample tube in order to decide whether you like the fragrance or not.

Natural perfumes are very long-lasting. The fragrance of these perfumes lasts up to eight hours (in rare cases even longer).