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Entered GLN "4603791485160" was issued by DiSAI System and correspond to organization:

Organization name System GLN
Muravka Baltik grupp, LLC DiSAI  4603791485160 
Information about the organization
SI AUA MINERALIS Silicon spring water from a depth of more than 450 meters.

"Baltic Group" Ltd.
249452, Russia, Kaluga region, Kirov district of Voloye, Street. Central d.7 p.5
Bodies. 8-910-911-25-22; 8 920 878-78-39
OGRN 1174027016580; INN 4023011542; PPC 402301001
The capted Spring "Angry Well" is located in the Baryatin district of Kaluga region near the village of Muravka
Muravka Baltik grupp, LLC is accredited participant of the DiSAI System.