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Entered GLN "4603791480387" was issued by DiSAI System and correspond to organization:

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Beautix, LLC DiSAI  4603791480387 
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BRAND Likato.

Likato is a nature enhanced by science

Likato is a brand of professional cosmetic products that are developed on the basis of a modern research base and innovative discoveries of the beauty industry. All products are made to the highest standards of production under the supervision of Italian specialists.

The recipes of Likato's formulations are unique - Italian technologists were able to fully use the active substances of traditional plant components using the most relevant methods (the recipes use unique elements-transfers, to ensure that active items are transported carefully to the center of the problem. They have managed to create formulas that are able not only to quickly and effectively take care of external beauty, but also to provide natural recovery.

likato are the natural components and achievements of modern science.
Beautix, LLC is accredited participant of the DiSAI System.