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Entered GLN "4603791466992" was issued by DiSAI System and correspond to organization:

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BIZNESDON, LLC DiSAI  4603791466992 
Information about the organization
The wooden toy made of plywood itself in essence induces the child to perform the necessary operations with a set of the available objects. This occupation delights not only little fidgets, but also their parents.
LLC BUSINESSDON is a producer children's of toys from plywood. The products of our enterprise are presented by a variety of children's toys Ц "The developing cube", "The developing cube with illumination", "Busyboard", "A busyboard with illumination", "Bizi-mashina", "The developing house", "The developing house with illumination", "The plywood castle", "The house for dolls", "The road for machines", "Puzzles", decorative elements from plywood and it is a lot of other interesting toys for your child.
All toys are made of quality plywood of an interline interval of a birch, productions Italy are covered with paints and water-based soil, without use of products from oil. Details of children's toys are also made of materials, high-quality and safe for children, have the certificates of conformity and other documents confirming quality of such materials.
BIZNESDON, LLC is accredited participant of the DiSAI System.