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Entered GLN "4603791452346" was issued by DiSAI System and correspond to organization:

Organization name System GLN
«Karachaevo-Cherkesskiy sugar factory» OJSC DiSAI  4603791452346 
Information about the organization
OPEN JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "Karachaevo-CIRCASSIAN SUGAR PLANT" ' registered October 29, 2002 at: 369340, Karachay-cherkess Republic, nogaysky district, p. Erken-Shahar, UL. Academician b. Agajgeldieva, q 8. The company was assigned a BIN 1020900611093 and extradited INN 0903006010. The main activity is the production of sugar.
Produce wholesale and retail trade in sugar, fine and coarse package.
«Karachaevo-Cherkesskiy sugar factory» OJSC is accredited participant of the DiSAI System.