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Entered GLN "4603791447762" was issued by DiSAI System and correspond to organization:

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Krivonos Aleksandra Evgenievna, IE DiSAI  4603791447762 
Information about the organization
The company is engaged in the collection and processing of wild Kamchatka Krai. Product range: kipreja of narrow-leaved tea drinks with berries and herbs, seasonings from Kamchatka herbs; fruit drinks, sweets: jam, jam, jelly, fruit jelly, candied berries; chaga (black birch fungus) and products of its processing; fern salty; Ramson salt and pickled Ramson sauce, dried mushrooms and preserved. Products are manufactured under the brand name "Livika".
Krivonos Aleksandra Evgenievna, IE is accredited participant of the DiSAI System.