On-line Advertising for B2B-sector

One of the most efficient way of products and services promotion in B2B-sector is an on-line advertising. In wide and open spaces of global network there a lots of possibilities to organize cooperation between sellers and buyers quickly and efficiently, and influence targeted audience. What type of advertising suits better for B2B-companies promotion? We suggest reviewing main approaches to B2B promotion and on-line advertising.

Advertising on business-oriented sites.

As a rule, in B2B sector, top executive management (managers, directors, department heads) shall make a decision concerning cooperation and products purchase. To obtain useful data, persons holding such positions make use of special-purpose business portals. Advertising through these web sites allows to influencing targeted public directly and promptly.

Among special-purpose platforms, the following may be pointed out: bfm.ru, fd.ru, e-xecutive.ru. Companies providing popular B2B services, like legal, consulting, IT, logistics, recruiting, transportation, outsourcing and other services can place the advertisement on these sites. To place an advertisement of highly specialized services it is necessary to choose the platforms focused on users of hotel business sector (pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc.).

Advertising format shall be chosen depending on the budget and purposes of the advertising campaign. There are the following options: banners, articles, text ads, picture boxes.

Advertising on field-oriented sites.

There are many B2B portals functioning in the internet, these are the sites for purchasing, wholesale and tendering. It is required to place an enterprise or company card there, along with the text ads and picture boxes. If it is possible then it is advisable to employ the mailing list of the subscribers’ database. Such methods of promotion allow reaching the largest number of target consumers.

These are the examples of field-oriented sites: opt.ru, b2b-russia.ru, trade.su. Sales and Supply Department Managers, general managers, third company’s representatives, advertising managers and other B2B market participants interact on these platforms. You may influence the required sector directly by setting up the ad view with due regard to target audience specifics and requirements.

The cost of advertising on field-oriented sites is not too high. As a result, you may employ larger number of web capacities where your target audience is present.

Media contextual advertising for B2B.

For B2B-sector, the use of media contextual advertisement is deemed highly efficient. Such web advertising ensures large coverage of the audience and influence on interested consumers. Targeting allows to show ads to those users who searched for information on the specific subject. Search queries and specific features (residence, profession, interests, etc.) of the target audience shall be considered.

If the retargeting is used, then the ads shall be displayed to those users who have visited the advertiser`s web site. This approach helps to influence potential clients who have shown their interest to your products and services. For B2B-sector, the retargeting is considered as an effective promotion tool. To close a large-scale deals managers require some time for thinking over the terms and conditions. Your advertising message will be a kind of reminder and motivation to point out your particular company.

To create and place media contextual ad they use popular web services: Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, Begun, B2Bcontext. Media contextual banners are displayed to target audience as a response to search queries. The cost of advertising depends on popularity of queries and level of competition in a certain segment of the market.

Advertising on job sites.

Use of popular job-sites for advertisement of B2B-companies allows setting up the impression of announcements to interested users. The audience of such platforms is notable for its high loyalty. For instance, on hh.ru portal one can set the ad impression for legal persons only for the following economic sectors: real estate, construction, marketing, raw materials production, etc. Involvement of the mentioned above platforms helps an easy and rapid communication of the required information to prospective customers.

Classified advertisement.

To arrange a search of products and services, legal persons often use classifieds, which provide for favourable offers in B2B area. These resources shall be used in advertising campaigns to extend the audience coverage. The classifieds contain separate sections for B2B-segment, which gives an opportunity to place an advertisement focused on business owners.

Advertisement in social networks.

There is a popular belief that social networks are not suitable for on-line advertising in B2B-sector. In the majority of cases, it is true. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, social networks for businesspersons exist. They can be used for advertisement and promotion of business.

For example, professionali.ru social network brings together a large number of businesspersons and professionals from different branches. To affect the target audience the targeted advertisement shall be used. One can set up the advertisement impression in social network Vkontakte for managers and companies directors general, as well as for members of business networks.

On-line advertisement in B2B segment: essential nuances.

To arrange a successful advertising campaign in B2B-sector it is necessary to use pin-point impact target audience strategy. It is important to apply targeting and retargeting as well as the set of on-line advertising tools: banners, contextual ads, company cards, mailing campaign, classifieds. Combination of approaches contributes to audience coverage enlargement and improves the efficiency of the impact on interested users.

Becoming a participant of DiSAI system, You get an opportunity to run all types of the mentioned above advertising campaigns for your goods and services.